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Liberty Rose - excerpt 1
Liberty Rose - excerpt 2
Liberty Rose - excerpt 3
Liberty Rose - excerpt 4
File under: Psychethereal


Liberty Rose (LP)

Label: Arbitrary Signs

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

Out of stock

**2019 stock** A classic album by contemporary psychic blues visionaries MV & EE. The duo spent 40 days and 40 nights under the twisted trees and endless sky of the Mojave desert via a Vermont homestead, freedom and unity. That's where these songs were unformed in dreams, floating off to mingle with the collective unconscious of coyotes and rattlesnakes, before they were re-birthed as smoke signals channeled through shaky hands, an old tele, germanium transistors and a bucket brigade. One of the purest distillation of the MV & EE's Spectrasound. Embedded within the grooves of this record are six streams to dip into as respite from the punishing rays of the hot summer sun.

File under: Psychethereal
Cat. number: ASLP 004
Year: 2010

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