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Igor Wakhevitch



Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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**RESTOCKED, LAST COPIES AROUND** Originally recorded as music from a N.Schmucki ballet premiered at Festival d'Avignon 1970, this is the perfect introduction to Wakhevitch dark, powerful and often menacing sound world. An unlikely mixture of 20th century classical avant-garde, both orchestral and electronic and psychedelic rock courtesy of french psych-prog band Triangle. A strong piece which pairs epic choral parts with Wakhevitch's taped electronics and Triangle's hypnotic jamming to form, in typical Wakevitch occult fashion, an ode to man's relationship with sound forces with the composer acting as a medium between the magical forces of sound and listener. The text inside the wonderul red gatefold cover holds some keys to the composer's universe, mentions to early 20th russian mystic / thinker Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff and also Kabbalistic and Alchemistic traditions are coupled by Wakhevitch's vision of a cosmic art for the 20th century, aligning himself to similar efforts by William Sheller and Guy Skornik. No surprise since this record sits comfortably next to other period pieces like Sheller's "Lux Aeterna", Skornik's "Popera Cosmic", Jason Havelock's "Pop Symphony" or even vangelis Papathanassiou's "Fais Que Ton Reve Soit Plus Longue Que La Nuit". Typical french post-mai 69 orchestral avant-pop vibes galore !!!!

Often regarded as one of the unsung geniuses of 20th century, Igor Wakhevitch's music has puzzled and surprised listeners and critics alike since it first came out in the early 70's. His six albums, released between 1970 and 1979 contain some of the darkest and more powerful music ever commited to vinyl and have been revered and praised by inquisitive souls everywhere: from progressive rock fans and avant-garde lovers to, in more recent times, noise kids, beat diggers and modern-day bloggers alike. His is music that defies categorisation as it draws and takes elements for many disparate styles: from psych rock to 20th century classical avantgarde. Throw in some weird cut-up techniques, a penchant for sound / space manipulation and real way-out electronics and you get some of the elements that appear in this composer's cookbook. No wonder his name turns up on the famed NWW list, as Steve Stapleton sometimes travels similar music mind-roads as the visionary frenchman.

Born in 1948 in a small town near Cannes, son of famed russian scenographer and painter Georges Wakhevitch, Igor grew up in an artistic environment and recalls being both exposed to the russian diaspora that settled in France after the October Revolution and the artistic circle to which his father belonged who included such names as Jean Cocteau or Herbert Von Karajan. Attracted to music since very early, he studied and devoted countless hours to become a piano concertist. As teen years arrived, young Igor decided to take his own road and become a composer - he went thru all the academic degrees, becoming pupil of one of the greatest composers of the century: Olivier Messiaen. Because of his family connections, young Wakhevitch soon found himself scoring music for theather and ballet - this allowed him to present a highly personal music that often dealt with mystical and praenatural subjects (no wonder taking into account he had been in contact since an early age with traditions such as jewish Kabbala, Alchemy and Christian Orthodox mysticism). Most, if not all of his recorded output, comes from this association with the stage world - specially with american dancer and choreographer Carolyn Carson (who did work with a number of underground luminaries from the european experimental and free scenes). A chance meeting (but not on a dissecting table) in the parisian offices of Mr. Filipacchi (head of Atlantic/WEA) led to Wakhevitch being the choosen musician to score Etre Dieu - Salvador Dali's unique and unstageable opera (as it stars, amongst others, Marilyn Monroe as a stripper, Brigitte Bardot as an artichoque and Dali himself as "The Divine Dali")  in which the genius from Cadaques rants about life, death and general nonsense over Wakhevitch's ever changing sonic tapestries.

Fascinated with India since a child, he started travelling to this country in the early 70's finally settling down there later that decade in Shri Aurobindo's and Mirra Alfassa's Auroville and travelling regularly to Europe promoting indian classical artists with his company. In the meantime, his old records have become collectable items that command high prices in the second hand market.

The reissue of his six albums on a now long-unavailable cd boxset entitled "Donc..." further fuelled interest in his music so this reissue program should fill the gap in all those collections needing Wakhevitch's music. Released it as it should be enjoyed, in proper glorious analog sound. Directly licensed from Igor Wakhevicth himself, this reissues come approved and supervised by the composer who has always taken great care on how his music is presented to the people. This should open the doors to a future release of a series of unreleased works that certainly deserve to see the light.
Cat. number: FAUNI 011
Year: 2013


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