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Let's Start (excerpt)

Igor Wakhevitch

Let's Start


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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His masterpiece "A treat for those into the pioneering works of Terry Riley and Steve Reich in that this combines use of delay lines on keyboards a-la Riley with phasing techniques on voices first explored by Reich" (Mutant Sounds). Originally released in 1979, Wakhevitch's last album before definitely settling down in Auroville (India) was his most meditative and relaxed effort to date. Fruit of his 1978  stay in Israel invited by the "Mishkenot Sha’ananim" Foundation,  the album was again completely dominated by the composer's keyboards  - hypnotic, majestic, enchanting and delicate: from the sweeping synths and fractured vocal loops of the title track to the fragility of Taddy's Fruit  Garden, the lyrical spaciness of Eriador or the otherwordly impressionism of Taddy's Dream : Ramallah's Road.  A masterful closing statement by this french master and a must for anyone into meditative keyboard music in the vein of Terry Riley, Deuter, JD Emmanuel or Peter Michael Hamel, to name a few.
Cat. number: FAUNI016
Year: 2013

180 gram vinyl
Strictly limited to 500 copies - single cover reproducing the original 1979 artwork - includes insert with liner notes. Recorded and mixed at Studio Pathe Marconi EMI, Boulogne, France. Finalized on Friday, April 13, 1979.

Originally released in 1979 on Pathé Marconi. This reissue © 2013 Fauni Gena. Issued under license from Igor Wakhevitch. Fauni Gena is exclusively distributed by Wah Wah Records Supersonic Sounds. Includes 4-page LP-sized booklet. 


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