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Absurdo - Alcatraz (excerpt)
Absurdo - Audio Output (excerpt)
Absurdo - Autovehicles (excerpt)
Kerosene - Meccano excerpt)
Metal Vox - Infinity (excerpt)


Ref. 907 (LP + CD)

Label: Spittle, Italian Records

Format: LP + CD

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Originally released in collaboration with the historic Italian Records label, this compilation deeply influenced the Italian underground music scene at the time, clearing the road for technological innovations. This pioneering artistic and musical model, cast aside any form of sentimentality, for a more intimate relationship with the electronic universe. In 1981, Absurdo, Eurotunes, Ipnotico Tango, Kerosene and Metal Vox appeared on this compilation by Toni Brillanti, lighting the way for even many of the post-punk groups from across the Channel. The 8 bonus tracks include 5 by Absurdo and 3 by Eurotunes.

Cat. number: SPITTLE64BOX
Year: 2016

3 x LP, edition of 500 copies