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File under: New WavePost-Punk


Red Light / Sister Shadow (12")

Label: Spittle

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

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** 2021 Stock ** Neon was one of the most active bands in the 80s Italian new wave scene. The band was born first as a duo at the end of the 70's, a part of Florence's underground culture, they soon stood out for their Kraftwerk inspired synth sound, which made their style a unique 80s specimen, together with a new-romantic and post-punk thought similar to bands like Joy Division, Ultravox and Human League.In 1980, the band got off to an electronic start with the single "Information of death", and later, through several lineup changes, they managed to synthetize a mix of obsessive electro sounds, obscure atmospheres and original pop melodies which reached full form in later works like My Blues is You(1983), Dark Age(1984), and Red Light(1986). Those three classic 80s darkwave 12”s are to be reissued by Spittle in limited editions of 500 copies. Aside from the Ritualsalbum (also available from Spittle), these are the finest examples of work from one of the 80s Italian scene’s finest groups.

File under: New WavePost-Punk
Cat. number: SPITTLE70LP
Year: 2016

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