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File under: New WavePost-Punk


Rituals (Green LP)

Label: Spittle

Format: Green LP

Genre: Electronic

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** 2021 Stock ** A cult band from the Florentine darkwave scene of the 80s is back on the scene, thanks to the re-release of one of the key records of the Italian alternative scene of some decades ago: "Rituals". Neon were the creators of a melodic synth-rock, which borrowed a lot from the new romantic thought put on the staff by the pioneers Ultravox and Human League. Born as a duo at the end of the 70s, Neon gradually became a quartet, accentuating the dance-pop component at first, and then the more rock component. We remember them mainly for their excellent productions of electronic new wave, sung in English and definitely influenced by British post-punk.

File under: New WavePost-Punk
Cat. number: SPITTLE15LP
Year: 2010

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