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Endlessness - excerpt

Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Endlessness (Lp)


Format: LP

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Endlessness is the long-awaited and last instalment of a trilogy of pieces for electric organ by artist Alfredo Costa-Monteiro. A follow-up to Umbralia (2011) and Insula (2014), this third piece is composed by two parts, essentially austere in approach but extremely rich in tonal range, with a strong mesmerizing atmosphere. Through the circularity of their forms, it explores the idea that persistence of time is our measure of infinitude. Play loud.

Born in 1964 in Porto (Portugal) Alfredo Costa-Monteiro lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. He studied sculpture/installation at the fine art school in Paris with Christian Boltanski. In 1992, he moved to Barcelona. Since then, his work stands somewhere between visual arts, visual poetry and sound. His installations and sound pieces, all of a low-fi character, have in common an interest for unstable processes, raw materials and gestures, where the manipulation of objects as instruments or instruments as objects has a strong phenomenological aspect.

Cat. number: FAUNI 18
Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic
File under: CosmicMinimalism
 Mastered By – Giuseppe Ielasi