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Peter Walker

Long Lost Tapes 1970

Label: Tompkins Square

Format: CD

Genre: Folk

Out of stock

Hi quality, previously unreleased recordings from 1970 from the great raga-guitarist, Peter Walker (whose 2 essential Vanguard albums remain criminally unavailable). Peter's group includes: Maruga Booker (trap and frame drums, bells), Perry Robinson (clarinet), Badal Roy (tablas), Rishi (bass), Mark Whitecage (flute and alto sax). "One cold late fall weekend I put a session together. I found housing for the out of town musicians and invited my friend Maruga Booker who came all the way from Detroit, Badal Roy and I had played together and he was available so he came up from New Jersey, the rest of the guys were already in Woodstock that week. It all came together at Levon Helm's house while Levon was away. I traded with Eddy Offord for the equipment rental and engineering, so in so many ways it was a classic 'Woodstock Production'. It was my last major effort before years of obscurity and remained in storage all these years. Josh Rosenthal encouraged me to dig it out and release it so here it is, I hope you like it." -- Peter Walker, Woodstock, NY, 2008
Cat. number: TSQ 2103CD
Year: 2009

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