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Future Predictions - excerpt 1
Future Predictions - excerpt 2
Future Predictions - excerpt 3


Future Predictions (4CD Box)

Label: Two Acorns

Format: 4CD Box

Genre: Electronic


**Limited edition, custom-made clamshell box, 4xCDs in pocket sleeves, and 16-page booklet** Will Long’s Celer project returns with an expansive 4CD set, a beautiful rendering of field recordings and foley sounds in gaseous suspension, recorded to high quality recycled reel-to-reel tape and providing us with some much needed mental solace right now.  As opposed to the gauzy reflectiveness of last year’s 'Memory Repetitions’ for Smalltown Supersound, 'Future Predictions’ was instead intended as a meditation on future events. While everyone’s basically on an enforced pause for self reflection, however, it instead serves as a kind of padded gateway to a more comforting, abstracted state of mind.  Creating what are essentially ensemble pieces made with tape loops from digital and acoustic instruments, and intertwined with field recordings and foley sounds, the pieces here are soothing and meditative by design. As Long explains "With a focus on introspection and imagination, each piece begins with all layers playing, with minimal additional long-term structural development in order to maintain a state."   Each piece is paired with photos in the accompanying booklet, and some text written with a shifting tense that takes you from the dull ache of nostalgia to a kind of blank escape from the uncertain future that's perhaps best not to really dwell on right now.

All music was recorded with high-quality recycled reel-to-reel tape. It has been mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung, and designed by Rutger Zuydervelt

Cat. number: 2A16
Year: 2020

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