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Missing Foundation

Missing Foundation

Label: Dais Records

Format: Vinyl LP

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In the 1980′s, New York City was a dismal wasteland filled with urban decay and creative miracles.  It was only a matter of time before the suits saw an investment opportunity, with cash in hand they bought off NYC and started the criminal gentrification of downtown New York, sterilizing any sense of culture and fumigating all residents deemed financially worthless.  This kind of invasion brought the perfect storm in the form of Missing Foundation.  Founded by Peter Missing in the early 80′s, Missing Foundation and their “Party’s Over” logo challenged the governing trends of NYC, pouring gasoline on the tinderbox of the class war taking place on the city streets.  Known for their hostile and fiery performances (and infamous ban from CBGB’s in the late 80′s), Missing Foundation left a scorched mark behind and started a movement still felt in the underground community today. Their debut album was originally released on Purge/Sound in 1987 and now Dais is honored to resissue this masterpiece of industrial folklore to a new generation who forgot where it started.

Cat. number: DAIS048
Year: 2013
Genre: Electronic

Limited to 500 copies, comes with a fold-out poster and download coupon.