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Dais Records

Dais was conceived during a series of conversations between two old friends, Ryan Martin and Gibby Miller, on a summer afternoon in 2007. Following in the footsteps of archivists such as Alan Lomax and Harry Smith, label's goal will always be to release unheard “lost” recordings and to re-release out-of-print music that fits our aesthetic, while always bringing new artists to the forefront
Achromatic (LP)
LP | €22.90
Symphonic Songs (2 LP)
LPx2 | €32.00
LP | €22.90
Terribly Well
Vinyl LP | €18.90
Army Jacket
Vinyl LP | €14.90
The Shipyard
Vinyl LP | €18.90
Way Down
Vinyl LP | €19.99
Vinyl LP | €16.99
Night Tripper
Vinyl 7” | €9.45