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Maurizio Bianchi


Label: Dais Records

Format: Vinyl LP

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First ever vinyl reissue of the highly coveted classic LP by Italian noise composer Maurizio Bianchi.  Originally released in an extremely limited quanity in 1983, Endometrio showcased M.B. at his most crucial turning point, delving into the uncharted waters he aptly titled ‘bionic music’, blending organic electronics with contorted sounds of the human body to compose one of the most interesting ambient records to date.

copies of the original lp are practically non-existent and hard to come by, therefore making this reissue an important addition to any experimental aficionado’s audio library  complete with current liners and artwork insert from maurizio bianchi, limited to 500 hand numbered editions. Complete with current linears and artwork from Maurizio Bianchi, limited to 500 hand numbered editions.

mb maurizio bianchi
Cat. number: DAIS 013
Year: 2010
Genre: Noise
LTD 500