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    Galen Herod

    Modular Electronics 1979 - 1982

    Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

    Format: 4x LP Box + 7

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    ** restocked, last copies around ** Galen Herod is one of the pioneers of-american-cassette-culture synthesist-artists and During 1979 and 1982 he produced several outstanding and creative electronic Tape-Releases which he distributed either via Eurock or by himself in the Phoenix-Area. His very early Tape-Works are dominated by abstract, austere, experimental electronics in the vein of Conrad Schnitzler using tape loops and completely homemade synth-equipment: oscillators, filters and sequencers designed and built by his friend Gary Dukarich.


    In late 1981 he meet Greg Horn and both formed the successful minimal-synth-Pop Band TONE SET. Records contained in this 4Lp-plus 7inch Box-Set:

    Galen: Recordings from ‚Xom’ ‚Gulag’ ‚Limacon’ (rec. 1979-80) 2Lp

    Galen ‚Ascending Rehearsals for a motionless Dwelling’ ‚Lowdown’ 7’inch Bonus:

    Galen Recordings from ‚Patterns for the Outside Surface of a Cube’ ‚The Trouble with Bill’ ‚Meditationes Algebraicae’‚ Life on this Earth’ (rec. 1980-82) 2Lp
    Cat. number: VOD139GH
    Year: 2015
    Genre: Electronic