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Ben Raynolds

Music Is The Music Language

Label: Ikuisuus

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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In the Spring months of 2005 Ben Reynolds began taking yet more jabs from mankind’s collective unconscious and turning them into sounds that love being in your ears. They have since been collected under the title ‘Music Is The Music Language’ and kindly unleashed by new Finnish label Ikuisuus. This is the first CD release from Ben after a torrent of CDRs bearing his name came flowing from various corners of the globe throughout 2004/2005. The sounds contained within the present release were moulded with less care but an equal if not greater amount of love as previous creations; The age old fight between the human controlling impulse and the natural (non) laws of chance ceased momentarily and a brief collaboration between the usually warring factions ensued. The results were welcomed by the overseer of this collaboration as a job well done and has since continued to pursue methods of creation whereby this fight will be done with once and for all. As for how all this sounds, that’s for your ears to decide.
Cat. number: IKU-001
Year: 2005

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