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Ben Raynolds

Outmospheric Arts of the Outmosphere

Label: Digitalis Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"Ben Reynolds has emerged as one of the most prolific contributors to the UK ecstatic-drone scene over the past year. He has released numerous solo CD-Rs and last year saw his first CD on the Finnish Ikuisuus imprint. Outmosphere was originally intended to add to the list of CD-R releases, but once we heard it, we knew it deserved something bigger. Many moons later, this is Ben Reynolds' first stateside widely-available CD release. As his music has developed, Reynolds has given nods to raga-infused acoustic folk all the way to dense, monolithic drones. Outmosphere finds all these elements smashed together in perfect harmony. Each song is carefully constructed, keeping in mind its place in the larger whole. Throughout Outmosphere, he turns this holy racket into something mystical and beautiful. On every track we are treated to cosmic webs of earth and space magic woven in only the way Ben Reynolds can. Outmospheric Arts of the Outmosphere is an excellent introduction to Reynolds' work for those unfamiliar, and a perfect continuation of previous efforts for those who are fans already. It is a sublime and rich listening experience all around."
Cat. number: DIGI 028CD
Year: 2006

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