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Nebula - excerpt 1
Nebula - excerpt 2
Nebula - excerpt 3
File under: ExperimentalSpacey

La Division Technique

Nebula (LP)

Label: Rotorelief

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**100 copies** Rotorelief present La Division Technique's Nebula. Sounds like electronic old school, soundscapes, minimal synth, psych-industrial-ambient, noise synth wave with analog synthesizers, filters, voices and space sounds.

Today, with experimental accents noisy and hovering, integrating voice and textures, analog synthesis, sound recordings of Space, plasma frequencies and processed sounds, La Division Technique proposes compositions with electronic ‘ambient-noise’ themes, developed on psychedelic melodic beaches with unusual and captivating sound time capsules. Full produced and released by Ubahn, diffusion in collaboration with Rotorelief.

File under: ExperimentalSpacey
Cat. number: ROTOR0067 Black
Year: 2019

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