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Best of 2019

Luis Paniagua

Neptune (LP)

Label: Emotional Rescue

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

The wondrous, expansive and meditative music of Luis Paniagua is now available again with the reissue of his 1987 album, 'Neptuno'. Originally released on the cult El Cometa de Madrid label - itself a sub label of Grabaciones Accidentales (Finas Africae / Suso Saiz / Javier Bergia) - the album is another is the canon of exploratory new age, world and ambient recordings that came out of Spain during the formative period as the country returned to democracy. Born in Madrid, in 1957, his first associated release was in 1974 to record the pioneering album 'Music of Ancient Greece' as a member of Atrium Musicae. As a member of Babia, alongside Luis Delgado, he released the sought after folk and fusion album 'Oriente - Occidente' in 1982, before dedicating exclusively to compose his own music with many instruments of the world. In late summer 1987, his friend and now creator behind the El Cometa de Madrid label, Delgado proposed to record an album of music in Paniagua's attic in Madrid. Bringing his eight-track they recorded the music found here in a mere few days. Exploring new age music, world music and spiritual music without being of a specific religion, 'Neptuno', flows as one. Centred on the beautiful multi-instrumental mastery by Paniagua, including percussion, chimes, guimbri, sitar and vocals, he is joined by friends and family on keys, flute and drums.
Cat. number: ERC071
Year: 2019