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Best of 2018
File under: Ambient
Best of 2018


Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong (Lp)

Label: Emotional Rescue

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Reissue label Emotional Rescue have dusted off a real classic here: Clive and Mark Ives’ 1982 debut, the only release on the brothers’ Sunshine Series imprint. As Woo, they blended rock, jazz, synths and ambience into thirteen spine-tingling trips: everything from deep Theremins and wailing strings on ‘C.H. Revisited’ to braying flamenco guitars on ‘Wapping’.

"Absolute unsung genius from the Ives brothers, who comprise Woo. On this debut LP of theirs, attenuated assemblages of finespun acoustic guitar filigree, clarinet, rhythm box, keyboards, singing bowls and pixiephone are subjected to exceedingly subtle and clever processing in a way that makes this sound like nothing so much as a drug addled and rhythm box-assisted Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Think Jade Warrior meets Can.Uncanny and weirdly affecting." Mutant Sound

Cat. number: ERC 014
Year: 2018

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