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best of 2019
Integrationer - excerpt 1
Integrationer - excerpt 3
best of 2019

Anders Vestergaard, Niklas Adam

Integrationer (Art Edition, 8 x 7" flexidisc Box double)

Label: Bin

Format: 8x7" flexidisc (Box)

Genre: Sound Art

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**Edition of 100. As both an object and as body of sound, this one is a stunner** Anders Vestergaard and Niklas Adam have been staples in the Danish experimental music scene for years - Ventergaard working as a drummer, both solo and in a range of projects, while Adam, in an equally diverse series of efforts, works with electronics, objects, sculpture, programming, performance, installation and music. Their debut collaborative release, Integrationer, is a stunner and arguably BIN's most ambitious effort to date.

A hybrid of field and concert recordings, made by the duo on travels to Seoul, Tokyo, New York and London and put together in Absorbent Templet in Oslo, is housed across two flexi-disc box-sets, each containing 4 square flexi-discs, housed in heavy-duty clear plexiglass cases, is a stunning thing indeed, even without addressing the wonderful sounds contained within. Integrationer, whether addressed as discrete sides / moments, or as a totality, is its own world - a sonic sculpture, build from darkness and light - a flashing image of dystopia, underlaid with humanity and hope. Is it machine world inspired by the real, and or is it the real inspired by machines? Grinding, wound tight ambiences are threaded and punctuated by deep textures and tones - the hands-on immediacy and heart of DIY electronics, forced into connection with two composers' rigorous concern and care. Slow to evolve, offering rich rewards at every turn, Vestergaard and Adam's fantastic collaboration breaks new ground for both of these veterans of the Danish scene. As both an object and as body of sound, this one is a stunner. Issued in a tiny edition of 100 copies each, this one isn't going to last for long. Grab it fast before the collectors market gets their hooks into it. Highly recommended on every count.



Cat. number: BIN 00 -33/33/!
Year: 2019

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