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best of 2019
The Acoustic Appraiser - excerpt 1
The Acoustic Appraiser - excerpt 2
The Acoustic Appraiser - excerpt 3
best of 2019

Sandra Boss

The Acoustic Appraiser (Lp)

Label: Bin

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

In stock

Edition of 300. Based in Copenhagen, Sandra Boss is a member of the young generation of European avant-garde / experimental composers who are pushing the form forward into new and exciting realms, splicing rigorous musical ideas with those of sound art. Often based at the juncture between performance and installation - musical objects becoming sculptures of sound, her work incorporates a series of diverse sound sources - antique tone generators, hearing test machines, bird flutes, children choirs and elongated accordions, as well as, in recents years, explorations of the organ as a synthesizer and as an organism of sound.
For her second LP with BIN, The Acoustic Appraiser - taking its name from an antique, portable audiometer, Boss has built a dazzling array of discreet compositions from a series of sine tones, each corresponding to frequency bands of the human ear. Tense, rigorous and challenging, the LP explores those wild, and often untapped,  at regions at the borders between scientific and musical sounds, pushed forward by the conceptual constraints and chance of the often malfunctioning  machine itself.
A minimalistic beauty which forces the listener to address to his or her own hearing, and very the act of listening, with the Acoustic Appraiser Sandra Boss takes a brilliant leap forward and takes us with her. One of the most exciting and undertakes challenges to our ears that we've heard so far this year. Definitely one to get.
Cat. number: BIN 00-32
Year: 2019

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