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No State No Sound



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"Hold on gnaw...last but not least..... the NO STATE NO SOUND comp lp. Dont know what led up to it...think I vaguely remember getting "dared" by Nurse Khrust to put out a record of silence by the crew, not sure, but maybe told Haunted Square D about it....but anyhow.....flashblack to an average but killer brewsday in the late summer, got the crew shooting the gip, no biggy, and Square D rolls up with his "Body Morph" one minute silent track....takes a sec to remember but all right...lets do this. Greh and V invite the now deep crew black to they hut, and on the way I had a walkman in the whip, so i popped in Ds master, hit record and the stop watch for a minute and me and the Connartist sat in silence for a minute and recorded the second track BIRTH REFUSAL. As we got to Grehs, we assembled all the jammers present and hit em up for a minute, all on three different Walkmans all on the original master tape. Was totally strange, Sick Llama was just standing in a yard with the crew looking at him pointing a recorder his way while nothing happened. It was like a very strange gig. So after everyone at the party got recorded/ trapped in NO SOUND, some the garage, some inside a bathroom whilst the crew stared at the close door, someone had the idea to call up some jammers. So No Fucker Johnny, Romero, others all held on the line for a minute of NOTHING. Totally rules. The end result sounds like a Folkways experiment. I ended up coming home and getting busted for "recording silence and not grabbing the Air Condition Window Unit" which was the only reason i went Grehs begin with. Hey, Window AC Unit or not, you are still KOOL with this platter!! Heres the Full Iiterary, recorded in order, no overdubs or tom foolery, no voices nothing, just weird hiss and an occasional bird chirp in lonesome... 1) Body Moprh 2) Birth Refusal 3) Hive Mind 4) Sick Llama 5) New Pledgemaster 6) Tom & John 7) ??????? (we eventually figured out who it is, heres a hint: weighs 90 lbs, goes from 0-Passed out in 3 brews, now in P. Rico) 8) Moontravellers 9) A.C. & Khrust 10) Alicia Warning 11) No Fucker 12) Burning Star Core 13) Hair Police 14) Rodger Stella 15) Damion Romero 16) Hellfire Holly 17) Iron Lung 18) 16 Bitch Pile Up 19) The Haunting" -American Tapes
Cat. number: AM799
Year: 2008
All pressed on colored gray vinyl on the new AT style wrapped around sleeve with creepy art, Numbered edition of 200.