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Sangi excerpt


Nouvelle Ambiance: Siassia & Tokobina

Label: Nouvelle Ambiance

Format: 12"

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock

A new label from Hugo Mendez, co-founder of Sofrito! A series dedicated to cross-cultural experimentation, kicking off with this exhilarating dive into the African underground of 1980s Paris: a four-track EP from Congolese singer Albert Siassia, backed by a group of young French dreads, rechristened Tokobina -- "let's dance," in Lingala -- for the occasion. Originally from Pointe Noire in Congo, Albert Siassia came to Paris in the early 80s as part of the Ballet Nationale du Congo and joined forces with a young French reggae group called Dread Lion – a band he re-christened “Tokobina” (Lingala for “let’s dance”). Keen to broaden their audience the group played a mixture of reggae, rumba, disco and new wave styles, often using drum machines and synths. A mixture of post-punk, rumba, afro-disco and reggae, in two dancefloor sure-shots reviving their sole 12" from back in the day, plus previously unreleased fire from the same session. Ribbit.
Cat. number: AMBIANCE 001LP
Year: 2018

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