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One Instrument Sessions 02 - excerpt 1
One Instrument Sessions 02 - excerpt 2
One Instrument Sessions 02 - excerpt 3


One Instrument Volume 02 (LP)

Label: One Instrument

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**2019 stock** "In a scenario of overwhelming number of instruments, musicians often do not take the time to deepen and explore the creative possibilities of each gear they possess. One Instrument aims at counter-acting this tendency by challenging and limiting each artist in producing a composition by using only one instrument of their choice. One Instrument presents One Instrument Sessions, a new format on which each artist shows a more personal narrative of the sound experiments they compose. Neel opens the series with a solo record including Aria, a 20 minutes long piece made with the E340 Cloud Generator of Synthesis Technology, and The Morning After, composed with the Roland SH-01A.
The E340 Cloud Generator is an oscillator which Neel says has always been a fan of. It has eight sines and sawtooth VCOs with unique modulation capabilities. Aria came to life while he was preparing for a live techno set: when he stopped the recording the oscillator kept running producing the sound and tones audible in the composition.
The Roland SH-101 is Neel’s favorite synth. The Morning After is one of the nine experiments he created while using the boutique version of the machine.

Cat. number: ONEINST002
Year: 2018

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