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One Instrument Volume 01 - excerpt 1
One Instrument Volume 01 - excerpt 2
One Instrument Volume 01 - excerpt 3
One Instrument Volume 01 - excerpt 4


One Instrument Volume 01 (LP)

Label: One Instrument

Format: LP

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**2019 stock** "One Instrument Volume 01 is the physical fulfillment of eight sound experiments composed by different producers using the guidelines of the label. The choice of the Various Artists format aims at creating an harmonious journey across different sub-genres in the ambient, techno and experimental worlds, which can perfectly embrace each other. The LP opens with a composition by In Bloom, the new project of Martino Bertola, who drives us directly into a melodic ambience. To follow it is the dense, polyrhythmic experiment by Fabian Kempe’s project Korridor. Serena Butler’s piece is built around spacey sounds and breezy rhythms. Yhdessa, the newly born Dutch-Italian duo formed by Grand River (Aimée Portioli) and Enrica Falqui, leans towards ambient atmospherics and ominous sonorities with a refined Northern European touch. Yair Elazar Glotman ventures us across his contrabass player skills giving an acoustic touch to the record. Swedish producer, Fjäder (Ida Matsdotter), handles the flip with a moody techno cut filled with evasive analog acutes. Claudio PRC delivers an electroacoustic soundscape created with a tiny, graceful drone machine. The Dutch duo, Wanderwelle, closes the LP with a dreamy and delicate excursion evoking the mysterious sides of nature.


A1. In Bloom - Korg DS-8 - 2:56
A2. Korridor - Orgon Systems Enigiser - 8:13
A3. Serena Butler - Korg Polysix - 6:29
A4. Yhdessa - Waldorf Micro Q - 4:24
B1. Yair Elazar Glotman - Contrabass - 3:38
B2. Fjäder - Korg MS-20 Mini - 4:44
B3. Claudio PRC - Rucci Minimal Drone - 5:12
B4. Wanderwelle - Roland Juno-106 - 6:14
Cat. number: ONEINST001
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic