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One Man Session Volume 5: Just Cooking - Excerpt 1
One Man Session Volume 5: Just Cooking - Excerpt 2
One Man Session Volume 5: Just Cooking - Excerpt 3
One Man Session Volume 5: Just Cooking - Excerpt 4

Massimo Martellotta

One Man Session Volume 5: Just Cooking (Lp)

Label: Cinedelic

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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It is inside an imaginary kitchen - among pots, stoves, appetizing scents and the reassuring hustle and bustle of the dishes - that Massimo Martellotta closes in beauty his five thematic discs, baptized just a year ago with the synthetic constructions of the first volume and then developed through three other academic appearances that have celebrated the prepared piano, the symphony orchestra and atmospheric guitars, however, without ever moving away from the fascinating microworld of library music. "Just Cooking" is nothing but a sort of "culinary-inspired after party groove", to slavishly quote the author himself, who has thought well to bring rhythm (and funk) back to the center of the scene, reappropriating in this sense the same dinoccolate movements of his Calibro 35.

For each instrumental track - each played in its entirety by Martellotta alone - the name of a dish to anticipate their respective musical aromas, all different, yes, but all the same for their unmistakable cinematic fragrance (the irresistible groove of "Carbonara" and "Midnight Snack" above all) that is always on the side of the class of the unforgettable Piero Umiliani: whether it's the playful psychedelia of "Pasticciotto", the Afro-spatial meatloaf a little bit Heliocentrics of "Foie Gras", the rocambolic funky-jazz of "Big Burger", the cosmic toxins of "Spacey Kudu" or the scurvy and bluesy 6-string of "Zighinì" makes really little difference: everything gives us the surreal image of a bizarre kitchen with peeling walls on which are projected, seamlessly, b-movies, stories of crime and murky documentaries soundtracked by the Roman musician.

Cat. number: CNMM 005LP
Year: 2018

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