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Opera - excerpt 1
Opera - excerpt 2
Opera - excerpt 3
Opera - excerpt 4
File under: Power Electronics



Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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**2020 stock** "Old Europa Cafe, Elettronica Radicale Edizioni and Lake Shark Harsh Noise are glad to announce the 2015 reiussue of Iugula-Thor’s classic Opera. Originally published on tape in 1996 by Old Europa Cafe, Opera was a notable personal piece that blended noise and power electronics by mixing piercing high frequencies, a subtle and threatening vocal presence and classical music, buried under layers of violent harsh noise. Alongside Dead Body Love's classic Low-Fi Power Carnage, Iugula Thor's Opera is also a massive documentation of distortion concentration and a prime example of Italy's '90s penchant for samples and sources drenched in overdriven texture. This new edition is mastered by P.NG5361.Bandera (Sshe Retina Stimulants / Sigillum S) and includes as a bonus Cuts Series, over 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, recorded in 2007/2008 for the Sex Cuts sessions. The CD comes in brown digipack, featuring and extensive essay by Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and alchemical artwork by Marco Wertham.

File under: Power Electronics
Cat. number: OECD 206
Year: 2015

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