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Pacta Daemoniarum / Crasse

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: CDx2

Genre: Experimental

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Having already left a strong mark on their two revolutionary double albums on End All Life Productions, which carry the rare honour of warranting the term avant-garde without regard of following any blueprints, here are the first two demo's by this obscure and controversial French outlaw Black Metal band known for their decadent activities. Pacta Daemoniarum was originally released in 1999 and Crasse released in 2001 and exhibited twisted, vociferous manic vocals spit on top of complex orchestrated highly distorted chaotic metal. Never resting and fully absorbed in the savage, sexually violent, drug-laden nihilism of French subculture." - Hospital Productions.
Cat. number: HOS-232 2cd
Year: 2009
Crasse 2001
1.1   Penetration
1.2   Seuil 666
1.3   Macabre Optimisme
1.4   Trait Poussiereux...
1.5   J'ejacule Ta Crasse
1.6   Decadente
1.7   Untitled
 Pacta Daemoniarum 1999
2.1   Introduction Au Bizarre
2.2   Cyclique Chemin De Sang
2.3   La Meute
2.4   Journey From Death To The Real
2.5   Symphonie Sur Apocalypse
2.6   Annihilation!
2.7   Complaisance Morbide
2.8   Rien?
2.9   Untitled

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