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Piano mechanics - Large piano magnifield

Label: C3R Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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This album was co-produced by gordon monahan and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 'Large piano magnified' was commissioned for the CBC radio program Two New Hours by executive producer David Jaeger. Recorded and produced at CBC Radio, Toronto, from August to December, 1985. Recording technician: David Quinney. Producer: David Jaeger. Production director: gordon  monahan. Original recordings of a piano were altered using two studio techniques: altering tape playback speed; and multi-tracking. Equalization was not used as a primary studio technique. Some sections of the piece may sound equalized, but this is the natural sound of the piano. Mastered on the PCM digital system. 'Piano mechanics' was recorded live at the 1984 CBC National Radio Competition for Young Composers on September 23, 1984. Piano Mechanics was awarded First Prize in Solo Compositions at the competition. Recording technician: David Quiney. Producer: David Jaeger.' - Metamkine
Cat. number: GM 001
Year: 1986