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Richard Teitelbaum

Piano plus

Label: New World Records

Format: CD

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Piano Music 1963-1998. Piano Plus is a collection of six piano pieces written by Richard Teitelbaum (b. 1939), a pioneer of interactive electronic and computer music, between 1963 and 1998. Piano Plus illustrates the use of cutting-edge technology to extend the range of the traditional acoustic piano. Three of the pieces are played by the composer himself, and the other three are performed by some of the leading interpreters of contemporary piano music. The first piece, 'Intersections' (1963) is a strict twelve-tone piece performed here by composer pianist Frederic Rzewski. 'dal niente' (1997) for piano and computer, was commissioned by pianist Aki Takahashi and is performed by her and the composer using both acoustic and sampled piano sounds. 'Seq transit parammers' (1998), for solo pianist and two Yamaha Disklaviers, is played by Ursula Oppens using special interactive software created for this piece. The other three pieces, 'In the Accumulate Mode', 'Interlude in Pelog', and 'Solo for Three Pianos' (all 1982), are played by Teitelbaum on a computerized interactive three-piano system he created employing Marantz Pianocorders that make it possible to perform simultaneously on three pianos in real time. The textural complexities the system enables often exceed normal human performance levels.

Cat. number: NW 80756
Year: 2013
Genre: Electronic