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Pods Of Punishment

Label: Entr'acte

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Pods of Punishment, like parallel collection Seeds of Paradise (Idle Hands), is a journey into tube-amped molten bass and media fragments. It reveals Strategy’s strong science fiction threads and fixation on radio as a musical medium: its ghostly disembodiment, its persistent familiarity, and its spontaneous impact on the sounds around it.

"The unstoppable Paul Dickow a.k.a. Strategy shapeshifts between dub, techno and the ambient spaces between on 'Pods of Punishment' for Entr'acte. Covering all fidelities between computers, drum machines, FX, radio, synth and samplers, he resolves at a hazily dubwise mid-ground where his musical organisms live out short, strange lives. In particular, Strategy's fixation on radio and science fiction are key to this sound, guiding him to a sort of detached, para-dimensional state that's at once familiar yet alien, alternating recognisable structures of steppers dub with amorphous textural abstraction and samples twoc'ed from the æther. It's a proper trip."- Boomkat

Cat. number: E183
Year: 2015

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