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Poesie Eugrughe - excerpt

Francesco Michi

Poesie Eugrughe

Label: Canti Magnetici

Format: TAPE

Genre: Sound Art

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Edition of 40. In 1992 the Italian sound artist Francesco Michi curated a project for the Volterra Teatro Festival, called “I Popoli Virtuali” (Virtual Populations). The original idea was to create and show the evidences of the existence of these virtual populations. Michi arranged a series of installations, performances and an exhibition. He himself created the Eugrughi Population, with their own poetics and rituals.
“Poesie Eugrughe” is the representation of a supposed Eugrughian poets recital: Il Bosco che Sussurra (The Wood that Whispers). Original audio documentations of Michi's work, conceived as a 50 minutes endless loop for a live installation, has been edited and remixed by Francesco’s son, Pietro Michi.
Cat. number: CANTO 17
Year: 2019

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