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Non Bruciare Tutto - Excerpt 1
Non Bruciare Tutto - Excerpt 2
Non Bruciare Tutto - Excerpt 3
Non Bruciare Tutto - Excerpt 4

Aniello Maffettone

Non Bruciare Tutto (Tape)

Label: Canti Magnetici

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

Preorder: To be released in June 2021


** Limited edition of 50 ** Non bruciare tutto (Don’t burn it all) is a living body formed mainly in 2013, in Ottaviano, except for the homonymous track which is from 2019 (Venice). The only track registered in Turin is from 2016. One thing leads to another: thanks to my childhood friend, I bought my first synthesizer; I sold a scooter; I bought a laptop; I cried on a silent night. I enter the poetry of sound with the need to write, to go through a non-explicit and chaotic language. This time and space helped me understand where I didn’t want to grow up. The fear of losing never deprived me of my sight; it intensified it.

The increasing alarm of the Venetian vault is host and witness of actual events. Recorded in Ottaviano, Turin, Venice on 2013, 2016, 2019, with Korg Poly 61 M, Crumar Trilogy, Arturia MicroBrute. Edited and mastered by Garino Luca. Cover photo by Germana Frattini. Thanks to Andrea, Carola, Davide, Gaia, Iside, Luca, Marco. Aniello Maffettone was born and raised in the Naples area around the early 90s. He currently lives in Turin, where he is studying Electronic Music at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory.

Cat. number: CANTO 30
Year: 2021

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