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Ezramo, David Fenech


Label: Corvo

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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“The work is settled between weird pop, avanttrash, improvised music, mediterranian folklore and noise drones. As the artists are coming from different social and musical backgrounds, the recording is not just a mix of sounds and names but a creation of unique and exciting experiences.” A custom silkscreen-cardboard cover emphasizes the haptic visual aspect of this audio production. The handnumbered edition of 500 copies is an object-like production with visual and audio qualities. From the record's titel PopeWAFFEN originates a bizarre amalgam of religion and war. Also the record's cover shows an infantile, untainted approach to the subject of violence, death and war. Through the children's drawings the terror is cathartically transformed into a humorously, yet threatening inner view of a box, possessed by a manic scribbeling guy. At ausland, Berlin the five musiscians from very different backgrounds were instantly composing a concept album. All without additional overdubs. 500 copies, handnumbered in a cover custom silkscreen coverprint on cardboard. Recorded march 2010 by Dave Bennett. Mixed & Edited by Wendelin Büchler. Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin. Layout by Christian Göbel at CGD. Cover drawings by Wendelin Bücher.

Cat. number: core 001
Year: 2011

LTD 500

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