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Portastudio Ambient Tapes - excerpt 1
Portastudio Ambient Tapes - excerpt 2
Portastudio Ambient Tapes - excerpt 3

Dennis Young

Portastudio Ambient Tapes (12")

Label: Innermoods

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Unreleased synth based ambient creations from mid-'80s by "After the break-up of seminal punk-funkers Liquid Liquid, band member Dennis Young found himself at a bit of a loose end. He busied himself by making funny little new age/ambient creations in his bedroom on some synths and a Tascam tape recorder. Many of these curios have never seen light of day, so it’s a real treat that Inner Mood have managed to lock down a trio of tracks for the Portastudio Ambient Tapes. These are gorgeous, often beatific pieces that touch on Arthur Russell’s dubby Balearia" Norman Records
Cat. number: IM-007
Year: 2019

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