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Stefan Jaworzyn

Principles of inertia


Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Stefan Jaworzyn continues his return on Blackest Ever Black, Kye, and his own, revived Shock imprint, with some freaky, almost funked-up gear for the excellent Trensmat label. Miles from his best known releases with Skullflower and Whitehouse, 'Principles Of Inertia' is focussed on roiling rhythms and scratchy, ghoulish modular synth noise ripe for deviant industrial discos and mouldy bedrooms. It's a spitting, virulent pack of four crackers veering between the squirrelly synth spurts and breakbeats of 'Biorigged' to the slurried thumps and curdling noise of 'Festival Of Lies' thru to more vicious, rocking gear with the serrated, strobing synths and skin-tightening drones of 'Gland Collector' to the outstanding, Somatic Responses-style blister of convulsive rhythms, gloaming pads and haywire electronics in 'Apocalypse'. There's also a download code for five extra tracks which we've not checked, but guess are worthy your time if the LP is any indicator. Recommended

Cat. number: TR043
Year: 2014

Tracks 1 – 3 recorded late 2012/early 2013. 
Track 2 reshaped and 4 recorded Feb 2014.

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