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Lena Hughes

Queen of the Flat Top Guitar (Lp)

Label: Tompkins Square

Format: Vinyl LP

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LP version. "Impossibly rare recordings by the legendary finger-picker. Notes by John Renbourn. A musical 'amateur' that best exemplified true artistry, Lena Hughes was born in Grape Grove Township, Missouri, in 1904. Though she never recorded any 78s and only one LP, Hughes was most influential through her steady performances at various fiddler conventions and folk festivals throughout the Ozarks. She was an excellent fiddler, banjoist, and guitar picker who retained the largely extinct repertoire of parlor pieces and the variety of specialized tunings that were necessary to play them. She lived most of her life in Ludlow, Missouri and passed away in 1998. Lena Hughes' repertoire can be divided roughly in half: finger-picked numbers adapted from fiddle tunes and recast parlor guitar pieces gleaned from popular sentimental songs, hymns, and 19th century airs. As a faithful attendee at folk festivals, Hughes was accompanied by her guitar-playing husband, Jake. Her most mesmerizing performances, such as 'Pearly Dew,' 'Spanish Fandango,' and 'Kentucky Moon Waltz' depend heavily upon the resonance of the open chord as it relates to the picking of the melodic line, primarily on one string. This tonal reliance is most similar to the 'celestial octave' that Washington Phillips employs, with similar effect, on his 'Train Your Child.' This ethereal harmonic technique, which seems so natural in Hughes' playing, is the holy grail for most finger-picking guitarists. Her lack of pretense and her mastery of this repertoire is what defines her legendary status."

Cat. number: TSQ 2820LP
Year: 2013
Genre: Folk
File under: fingerstyle