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Best of 2017

Arturo Stalteri

...E Il Pavone Parlo' Alla Luna (Lp)

Label: Soave

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Originally released in 1980 (and privately issued only in 1987) Arturo Stalteri’s …E Il Pavone Parlo’ Alla Luna falls among the last artifacts of Italy’s great wave of musical Minimalism. Like the movement to which it belongs, rigorously resistant to categorizations and definition, this overlooked marvel sculpts a startling singularity.  A radical and democratic vision in sound, blending elements of New Age, the avant-garde, and Prog, with Western and Indian Classical musics.

Long overshadowed by it predecessor, the Prog. opus Andrè Sulla Luna, free from the burdens of context, …E Il Pavone Parlo’ Alla Luna rises as Stalteri’s true masterwork. While being deeply evocative and enthralling, it still preserves some of Pierrot Lunaire's fairytalesque mood, a complex and ambitious hybrid, built around organ and piano. Each passage struggling for creative autonomy - dislodging themselves from the whole. - as challenging as they are accessible, to all those willing to heed the call. Despite its repetitive rhythms and cycling tones, bound to American Minimalism, …E Il Pavone Parlo’ Alla Luna’s complex relationships and breadth of territory, locate it as a distinctly European work - a wondrous late breath, and seminal entry, in Italy’s remarkable canon of avant-garde and Minimalist music. A rippling oddity, not quite like anything else.

Cat. number: SV06
Year: 2017

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