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Residue - Excerpt 1
Residue - Excerpt 2
Residue - Excerpt 3

Nobuki Nishiyama

Residue (LP)

Label: Edition Zeroso

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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** Last copies, sold-out at source. Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. Every copy is slightly different. Comes with a digital DL code. Silk screen print outersleeve ** Edition Zeroso is pleased to announce the first full length release from Japanese producer/live sound engineer Nobuki Nishiyama. "Residue" is the product of erroneous usages and settings of acoustic devices. Phasal disarray, feedback, interference: none of these can be accurately produced on stage through the performers' intentions, and as such, they are normally abhorred by both performers and engineers. Nishiyama works as a live engineer but he has come to feel an irresistible attraction towards the unpredictable movements of sound produced by these abhorrent elements.

This work is made up those types of phenomena, deliberately produced on acoustic devices or within computers. It is created using extremely simple and basic signal routing: the audio and parameter signals are passed through several oscillators, filters and effects units. The reciprocal feedback and low frequency oscillations between the devices creates interference, bringing microtonal instabilities and rich (and simultaneously warped and unpleasant) fluctuations and vibrations to the simple sound of the oscillators.

As a sonic phenomenon, these fluctuations and vibrations are of course nothing new, and innumerable musicians have deployed them over the years. However, they are also elements that have long been excluded. "residue" is a record of those things which are more usually seen as appropriate for disposal.

Cat. number: CD001
Year: 2020

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