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Synthétiseurs, Samplers & Polarweiss - excerpt 1
Synthétiseurs, Samplers & Polarweiss - excerpt 2
Synthétiseurs, Samplers & Polarweiss - excerpt 3
Synthétiseurs, Samplers & Polarweiss - excerpt 4

Patrick Michaud

Synthétiseurs, Samplers & Polarweiss (LP)

Label: Delodio

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


**300 copies** Unheard tracks of french musician Patrick Michaud. A journey from synth to computer, a sequence of the New Wave mutation in between two decades, 1988-1992.

"An exciting compilation of unreleased work of Patrick Michaud recorded at his home studio (thanks to his mom for equipping it) between 1988 and 1992. A soundtrack to the '80s TV show or imaginary movies where the hero dramatically dies in the end. Patrick’s recreation of his beloved music of Jean-Michel Jarre. “Generic John Carpenter, 8-bit melodramas, the anticipation of what will later be the success of Boards of Canada, everything is there, delivered late in a beautiful gift package." - Krossfingers

Cat. number: DEL04
Year: 2018

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