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Uk Electronics 1988-1994 - Excerpt 1
Uk Electronics 1988-1994 - Excerpt 2
Uk Electronics 1988-1994 - Excerpt 3
Uk Electronics 1988-1994 - Excerpt 4


Uk Electronics 1988-1994 (LP)

Label: Delodio

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Delodio presents Uk Electronics 1988-1994, a compilation from the British label Mindscan Tapes. Mindscan Tapes, an English label that was active between 1988 and 1994, who released, amongst others, Beatronic and UK Electronics, two compilation series that had a notably wide style for the time. At the end of the '80s, it was deemed appropriate to stick to stylistic zones. However, Robert Maycock, the sole young Englishman running this DIY structure, mixed electro, early techno, ambient, experimental, house and industrial music, all while keeping it cohesive. We're still amazed to this day, with regards to the quality of these compilations, how underground his work was, best seller did only sell 30 plus copies.

Here at Delodio, we decided to select our favorite tracks from these two compilation series, with Robert Maycock's blessing, and make an album out of them, which we hope will help pay our respects to the contributing artists, and highlight the "artistic direction" work that Mindscan Tapes made, via these flawless choices. We want this album to also be a celebration of the way things were done and the typical mindset of this era from before the internet. A time when people had no other choice than to help each other out, to advance the common cause, to hopefully push their own projects forward, with the single goal of introducing people to new music. To be a transmitter amongst transmitters.

Copied on demand on home tape decks, these cassettes were circulated via mailing lists that people tried to somehow promote by send flyers by post to other music fanatics, who were doing the exact same thing, to try and grow the network. "UK Electronics 1988-1994" is the sound of an era, via the very personal vision of a young Englishman who would spend all of his dole money on the production of underground compilation cassettes.


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