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Return of Black September - excerpt 1
Return of Black September - excerpt 2
Return of Black September - excerpt 3


Return of Black September (2LP)

Label: Staalplaat

Format: LP x 2

Genre: Electronic

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The excellent Black September, a continuous, five-part, 68-minute epic, is as formidably competent as ever, although more for the brooding, surreal nature of its soundworld than for its grooves, which here sound almost subsidiary. The soul samples and restlessly evolving minor-chord kaleidoscopes that unfold throughout the work is prima facie evidence of a musician on a roll. Boldly named after one of the most notorious Palestinian terrorist organizations, the group which carried out the Israeli Olympic athlete massacre in 1972, 'September' matches its dark black artwork and design with equally doom-laden music. This vinyl includes the two unused Return of Black September tracks that were on the Archive Series volume thirty two CD. Limited to 700 copies.

Cat. number: ARCHIVE 051LP
Year: 2020