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Label: A Tree in a Field Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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2010 release. In early 2009, Papiro met with Markus Stahli (of Roy and the Devil'€™s Motorcycle) to rehearse for an upcoming show as the support act of New York avant-gardist and Suicide instrumentalist Martin Rev. As an opening, he chose a piece reminiscent of an Indian raga. Despite its eastern mood, he wanted it to produce a disturbing and nervous atmosphere. The rehearsal was actually supposed to be as a three-piece, but no date could be found for the third man, Michi Zaugg. They decided to show him the tapes later. The continuous recording of the first take was now the basis for the LP Rev. Alex Buess (16-17) took care of mastering. We have no information as to whether or not Martin Rev liked the show.

Cat. number: TREE028-LP
Year: 2009

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