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Rise - excerpt 1
Rise - excerpt 2
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Label: Solar Ipse Audio House

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Marco Papiro is one of the most intriguing artists in Switzerland today; graphic designer, violinist, experimenter and underground mainstay, he was a founding member of the legendary band Mir until the death of drummer Daniel Buess in 2016, while also releasing seven solo albums over the past twenty years in which he established his own unique brand of electronic music. Rise consists of five instrumental tracks, as always displaying Papiro’s artistry in creating poignant environments with his synthesizers. Combining drones, three-note mantras, semi-human voices with atmospherical textures and sonic cascades, this album falls somewhere between Thierry Müller, E.A.R. or Antti Tolvi. While some parts of the album were originally written for a 72-hour sleep deprivation performance, according to the sleeve notes it is meant to «accompany anesthesias, lights at the end of the tunnel and awakenings», and is «dedicated to the future». From the lyrical Anestax to the boundless Phazo, Rise is best listened to in one piece, which is why it is being released exclusively in CD format.

Cat. number: SIAH06
Year: 2019

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