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Negativ White 2

Label: A Tree in a Field Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


2012 Release. Negativ White 2″ is Papiro’s second output in cooperation with Roy and the Devil’s Motorcycle’s Markus Stähli. Similar to “Rev” (TREE028) this is a live-recording, which was done during a rehearsal for a gig – they were booked for a Rockabilly Night [sic!]. The instruments are kept rather minimal: a drum machine, a synthesizer and synthetical moaning (as a result of pairing a VCS3 with a Formant Filter) are woven into a dubby something. The synthesizers squeak and hiss as one might like to imagine to find in a Tronesque jungle, like back when digital was still analogue. “Negativ White 2″ is a record for DJs that enjoy answering the question what the hell they’ve just played. Applied correctly this record will lend any social event new topics of conversation.

Cat. number: TREE035-LP
Year: 2012

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