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Nils Rostad

Ujamt / Harmony Hammond

Label: Solar Ipse Audio House

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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CD edition covering the impossible to find private releases by the cult Norwegian loner "pretty much everyone who heard Nils Rostad’s stunning Ujamt LP was blown away and Harmony Hammond builds on the weirdo cultic avant/folk edge of that release with a series of guitar/percussion/organ/folk constructions that come over like a one man Faust Tapes, moving from mind-bending fuzz guitar dirges that combine squealing punk leads with weird peg-leg rhythms through aching Scandinavian psych/folk laments that combine Richard Youngs-style acid folk with a dissolving formal logic that is as deliriously dosed as Witthuser and Westrupp. Some of the more hypnotic drone-fixated works come across as a more pastoral Hermann Nitsch with a heady Cosmic Couriers vibe that runs a mainline straight to Venus while re-formulating Richard Youngs’ Advent. Indeed, Rostad seems to have a particular umbilical to the Silence era titans, players like International Harvester, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Bo Anders Persson, Handgjort, Joakim Skogsberg et al in the way that he dusts off traditional European volk and reinvents it via a fractious avant logic while marching the whole deal into an abyss of echoing fuzz and martial percussion. This is another fantastic side and represents another major instalment in one of the most thrilling left-field/underground/private sagas this side of Tommy Roundtree. Highly recommended!" Volcanic Tongue

Cat. number: SI 02
Year: 2013

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