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Label: Not Not Fun Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Keeping their winning streak going, Not Not Fun hit us with the lo-lite brilliance of Afterhours, an act that emerged from influential LA radio show 'Field Recordings of the Afterhours'. Citing Mo Wax and Anime as influences you can see how Not Not Fun were wowed by Afterhours' sultry electronics - this is music as indebted to Vangelis and Jean Michelle Jarre as it is 80s pop, industrial and Blech-era Warp bleeps. While title track 'Sleepwalker' is firmly in Blade Runner territory, the highlight comes with 'Salt on the Wound', a low-slung number that manages to sound equal parts 1994 Aphex Twin and Evian Christ. As a sizzling finger click pokes its way through dissolving ambience it's easy to hear how Afterhours' influences have been woven together, and hard to stop listening. Killer!
Cat. number: NNF261
Year: 2012


LP | €18.90

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