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Season Of Risk

Label: Not Not Fun Records

Format: 7"

Genre: Rock

In stock

Colour photocopied sleeve. Edition of 325** Arresting Americana Doom and etheric grunge from the edge of civilization. Since sacrificing their Mythical Beast, Corinne Sweeney and Jeremiah Cowlin abandoned Philly for the wilds of Coyote, New Mexico, living off the grid and conceiving the low sunken sound of Ether Island. "A Side opener “Season Of Risk” corrals a mud-flood of thick tectonic shred over a buried beat, Sweeney’s vox tearing through in hot red flashes like a prairie flash fire (tonally, it’s total 4-Track Demos-era PJ, raw and sensual). “Be Light” vibrates more vertically, rising like a smoke signal, a threatening cloud of raga strings and delay-stretched witch-blues vox. “Black Wind Way” deathmarches across the entirety of the B, plodding like a dying mule over parched plains, tremolo guitar hatcheting down, a single funereal organ melody threading over the sands and into the silence. Three singular statements from two old favorites on this one perfect nomad-psych slab.
Cat. number: NNF246
Year: 2013

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