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Best of 2021
Rhythm Voice - Excerpt 1
Rhythm Voice - Excerpt 2
Rhythm Voice - Excerpt 3
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Best of 2021

Greta Lindholm

Rhythm Voice (LP)


The Swedish dancer, choreographer, and performer, Greta Lindholm, has remained, since her emergence during the late 1960s, a singular and unique force on the global contemporary dance scene. Having developed a synthetic and experimental approach to movement and generative sound, her boundary pushing body of work can be understood as a celebration of the body and its languages, and their intimate relationship with the voice; using primarily foot drumming and vocal rhythms, her body is transformed into an instrument of continuous exploration, flirting at the borders of traditional song and rhythmic-gestural improvisation.

Drawing on numerous vocal and percussive traditions from across the world - from Scandinavian folklore, scat singing, and baroque arias, to Carnatic and Hindustani music, the musical gestures of African Pygmies and musical minimalism - all filtered through a distinctly experimental temperament, Lindholm’s performances, captured by Rhythm Voice, emerge as a series of hypnotic expanses of sound that are as intoxicating as they are hypnotic and beautiful.

Once encountered for all its wonders, the long standing urgent for Black Sweat’s release of Greta Lindholm’s Rhythm Voice - co-produced with Sing a Song Fighter - becomes unavoidable. With a visionary career dating back more than half a century - almost entirely focused on live performance - the sound manifestations of her work have never before appeared as a physical release, making this LP profoundly important from a historical point of view, holding the potential to elevate her to her rightful place in the landscape of experimental and performative sound.

Studded with imaginary phonemes, onomatopoeic patterns, rhythmic phrasing, phonetic articulations, breathing, spiral structures, frenetic drifts, and clapping hands, Rhythm Voice a truly stunning thing to feel unfold. Absolutely stunning, overwhelmingly listenable, and high among our favorite releases of the year. It just can’t be missed. Available on LP and CD. Grab a copy while you still can. This one is going to make waves.

Cat. number: BS065-LP
Year: 2021

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