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Rainbow Island


Label: Flying Kids

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Edition of 300 copies LP for this incredible electro-acoustic psychedelic album from this Italian band, stunningly beautiful package! "RNBW is both a stunning debut album, and a unique trip to the dreamy land of Bongolandia, a mythical place evoked through 8bits loops, psychedelic visions and lysergic explorations.
Rainbow Island is the four-men band that will guide you to the heart of this Island: PikkioMania (MFB Synth Lite 2, Loops, FX), Dj Kimchi (Sampler, Kaoss Pad, Nintendo DS), Lou Q. Damage (processed vocals), and Simne Donadni (drums) play their own vision of electronic music, with unusual reminds to psychedelic sounds, ritual spacey sounds, videogame bleeps and nature-addicted music. Their influences include Sun Ra, Gong, Shackleton, Fuck Buttons and Boredoms.
The group is devoted to the sense of loss of falling into the saturated colors of a mid 80ies videogame. This transforms the album in a 5 tracks travel to interstellar regions, from the rhythmic sounds of Rainbow Theme, passing through the creation of robotic space units (Treno Space), used to fly away from everyday routine (the long and evolving Bongolandia), in a one-way journey to total annihilation (Bobblers Dance and the stunning The Windwaker)." Label press

Cat. number: KID 001
Year: 2012

300 copies, numbere, gatefold laminated cover,

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