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Schlagende Wetter

Label: Suezan Studio

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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In 1982, when the entire industrial elite of today was still in primary school and could barely read and write, four experimental musicians under the name Kowalski released an album called "Schlagende Wetter", which the NDW-fixated German public completely ignored, as expected. With their bizarre steel machine rock, vaguely situated between Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Bap, Kowalski were a whole decade ahead of their time and ignited a crashing, pulsating sound inferno by means of artfully polished guitar sounds alone (the disc does completely without keyboards), which at the same time seems machine-like cool and pleasantly alive. In 1996, when industrial drone has long since become socially acceptable, "Schlagende Wetter" finally has its CD premiere. Another case for the category "misunderstood innovators who were appreciated far too late".

Cat. number: SSZ3061
Year: 2020